175 Grams is a short documentary film about an Ultimate (frisbee) team from Chennai, India. 

"A winner of the Sundance Institute Short Film Challenge, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, shows that, surprisingly, Ultimate Frisbee is a force for good in the world." - Fast Company magazine. 

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At the face of it, Flywild is just another team of enthusiasts who get together at Elliot’s Beach, Chennai, and play Ultimate (frisbee), a sport which is rapidly gaining popularity in India.

“175 grams” takes a closer look at lives of members of Flywild; how they got into Ultimate (frisbee), the way its shaping their daily lives and what they look forward to in the future as individuals and as a team.

Flywild is driven by passion, mutual respect, equality and high self-esteem. This documentary is an attempt to show how these young adults and kids have overcome their social and financial circumstances to break society's invisible barriers, all by themselves.

Education holds a lot of emphasis at Flywild. As an attempt to get all the team members educated, one of the criteria for team selection is to go to school. 

Nelson Mandela once said, “Sports speaks to youth like none other”. This film is an example of how Flywild is using Ultimate (frisbee) and the “Spirit of Ultimate (frisbee)” to build the character of the individuals and the team, on and off the field, thereby setting an example for new patrons of Ultimate (frisbee) in India. 

The film is a tribute to the Spirit of Ultimate (frisbee), Team Flywild and the fast growing Ultimate (frisbee) community in India.

From Left - Right : Bharat Mirle, Aravind Iyer, Alan Aranha, Sudhanva Atri & Lokesh BS

175 grams was Directed by Bharat Mirle and Aravind Iyer; the Director-of-Photography was Sudhanva R Atri; Edited by Bharat Mirle; Concept by Aravind Iyer.

We would like to thank Lokesh BS for jointly producing this film with Aravind Iyer, Bharat Mirle, Sudhanva Ramesh & Alan Aranha. 



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