The world has grown increasingly impatient and today, the popularity of the written word is plummeting.

Most people do not want to read anymore, they’d much rather see. Because of this, we’re all incessantly being bombarded with images. Televisions, computers, billboards, posters, flyers…they’re all trying to say something to us, but a large chunk of them are far too incoherent to understand.

In the midst of this communication-chaos, the voices that make most sense are the ones that are remembered.

Founded in 2013, Yogensha Productions is an award-winning, end to end Video Communication Agency that exists to create films that make sense, both commercially and artistically. We believe that our sensibilities set us apart from the rest and through the medium of film: 

We equip organisations and individuals with a voice that is as precise and creative as possible.

Our short films have won international awards and have been showcased Sundance Film Festival 2015Berlin 2014 & 2013 and across the USA. We are empanelled on the IMG list of production crews. 

Our Film Skills Include: Corporate Filmmaking | Advertising Filmmaking | Documentary Filmmaking | Video Editing